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Krishna: History or Myth

A unique documentary which proves the existence of Krishna and shows the scientific proof of Mahabharata with exact year of Kurukshetra war.

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An Indian Jesus

Directed, and Screenplay by

Dr Manish Pandit

Saibaba taught faith and patience. He is equal to Jesus Christ. The ultimate power behind these two spiritual gaints is One and the same. Watch Saibaba: An Indian Jesus to introduce the power to you.

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Watch our other movies Krishna: History or Myth and The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy

The Ishrat Jahan Conspiracy

The film is based on the true events leading up to the encounter killing of Ishrat Jahan in 2004. A docudrama style presentation of the facts.

Directed, Script and Screenplay by: Dr Manish Pandit


Javed: Amol Kulkarni Ishrat: Sonali Magar Salim: Pritish Khandagale Inspector: Manik Shinde Jishan: Ajay Joshi Constable & Makeup man: Rajesh Chavan Rest : Sonal Aajgaonkar, Vivek Todankar, Ajit Gokhale, Devendra Vichare, Priyanka Vichare